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As a unique bilingual classifieds website, soldonnet.com makes every effort to provide our clients with convenient and prompt services and meanwhile creates an exciting online surfing experience. Our main services are:

Place online classifieds:

  • To place an ad, you need to register with us as a member and use your registered email address and password given later to log into your ministration area, as soon as your payment has been cleared, you are then able to create your advertisement.
  • Currently you can place two types of sale ads--property for sale and business for sale, each advertisement will allow 8 pictures uploaded for property sale, 6 pictures for business sale and detailed description of 500 Chinese & English words.
  • The costs are very reasonable and you can run your ad till sold. The costs per ad are:

    Business for sale: $286.00, Property for sale: $330.00

  • You will be issued an Ad ID and this can be included in your prospective ads in any media advertising in order that people can view your ad in our website.

Language Translation:

The description of each ad will have English & Chinese version. If you don't know how to transl ate your description into Chinese language, just leave the Chinese version input area in blank, our helpful administrators will do the job for you at no extra cost. Your online listing will be viewed in Chinese language as well.

Image Conversion:

For those already have pictures of your property and unable to convert them into a digital format , we help scan your photos and upload for you. This Service is totally free.

Sale signage & Delivery: (This service is available for property sales ONLY)

We also provide sale signage to assist your property sales at very competitive rates and deliver to your door free of charge.( Sydney area ONLY).

Web design :

We can design and build personalised website to meet your needs to sell your property or business.

Chinese Paper Advertising :

As a representation of one of the biggest ethnic communities in Australia , advertising in Chinese papers will definitely benefit your sales. We can help you place your ads in the most influential Chinese papers in Australia or in China at reasonable rates.

Buy properties in China :

If you are interested in investing properties in China , we will provide all the relevant consultation you need to know and assist you from the very first stage.

Please contact us if you have further queries about the above services.

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