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Not like the traditional means of advertising in papers, magazines or any other media, internet advertising features low cost, much wider audience and professional marketing presentation. In addition to those advantages, our website has its own unique online styles which are beneficial to every client:

•  You will be happy you can run your ads till sold;
•  Exclusive English and Chinese bilingual descriptions mean your ads will be viewed by more people than other English websites. (*Chinese is an official or popular language in many Asian countries like China, Hong Kong, China Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore etc.)
•  This internationally-promoted website could help you find buyers even from overseas.
•  Updated news provides latest and important market information.
•  Using secure Australian PAYMATE online payment solution makes your credit card payment safe and convenient.
•  Use your registered email address and password to create/edit/update/delete your ads at any time 24/7;
•  Fully featured and easy-to-use member interface.
•  Enable you upload photos to your ads, using JPEG, JPG & GIF format.
•  Once registered, you can place the ads as many as you like by simply logging in with one email address & password only.
•  Being issued a unique Ad ID, you can attach this number with our web address to your other ads in the papers or magazines, easily direct prospective buyers straight to your ad, or even you can email them a direct link for a particular selling stuff.
•  Effective, affordable advertising solution at a very reasonable cost.
•  Other selling-related services & support will be also provided to our clients.

Listing on our website means your selling article is open for inspection 24 hours a day, every day of the year, you will be able to attract a much greater audience, meanwhile it reduces and eliminates the inconvenience of having visitors come to your place just have a curious look, therefore we can help you make a perfect sale.

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